About Us


WOW's VALOR Program (Veterans Attaining Life skills On to Recovery) will address an urgent need for rural outreach, housing and training for veterans in western New York and Allegany County. The program's housing and training initiative and life skills focus will help veterans adjust to life outside the service. Our 140-acre retreat facility will be converted to a center for housing, training and re-entry, allowing our servicemembers the opportunity to utilize skills acquired and enhanced during their service in meanful and gainful employment. The VALOR Program will address all areas of readjusing to civilian life - including family in each step of training. For more information on our VALOR Program, click RETREATS.

Located in the beautiful foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, we are grateful to offer you, your family, friends and colleagues one of the finest sanctuaries in the United States for your program, family retreat or get away.

We are blessed with over 140 acres of rolling hills, pristine water areas, trails, and woodlands. Balanced with our comfortable and spacious indoor facilities, we provide a sustainable environment perfect for your own activities or our personalized "best-practices" programming.

Our collective mission is to embrace in a healthy and balanced way, the diversity of life, culture, and spirituality. Our commitment is to the common good and stewardship of our children, our elders, and our communities.

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